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Benefits and Features of Quartz Countertops

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Benefits and Features of Quartz Countertops

  • The chief benefit of the quartz countertop is its natural luster. Quartz is extremely hard and makes for a good work surface. It is largely composed of minerals (contrasted with solid surface counters which are about 33% inorganic binding resins and 66% organic minerals). When dealing with natural slab granite you're going to have a lot more problems with potential cracks and staining than you will with quartz. Also, the installers have a bit easier time dealing with quartz than they do with granite because it is a more forgiving material for fabrication.

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    Benefits and Features of Quartz Countertops , quartz stone countertop.

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    2014/08/21         Author: Jaddas Quartz         Advantages of Artificial Quartz Stone

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  • 1. Cost. Every homeowner has a budget for their home renovations. You want the best value for your money. Quartz is less expensive than exotic granite. If your kitchen is large with lots of counter space, the cost of your counter top can quickly rise to high numbers. With quartz, you don't have to compromise a g ...
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