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How to Cut Quartz Flooring

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How to Cut Quartz Flooring

  • Quartz tiles are an ideal choice for flooring because quartz is very durable and extremely strong. Many early U.S. streets were paved with quartz cobblestone, and quartz is still available for this use today. Quartz tiles for flooring are found in many colors and patterns. The key to creating a beautiful floor is making precise cuts so that grout lines stay even. Since quartz is such a hard rock, it needs a special blade for cutting. These blades are found at many home improvement, hardware and tile stores

    1:Set up the wet saw on the stand. Attach it firmly to the stand with the included hardware, which may be heavy-duty clamps or bolts and nuts. It is important to affix the saw to the stand so that it does not come off the stand and cause damage.
    2:Install the diamond cutting blade into the saw. Diamond cutting blades are necessary for cutting quartz because diamonds are one of the few stones that are harder than quartz.
    3:Attach the water supply to the saw. Water is used to cool the blade and stone while it is being cut. Plug the saw in to the electrical supply.
    4:Measure the area that needs to be removed on the quartz tile. Use a marker that shows up easily on the quartz.
    5:Turn on the wet saw and start the water. Line up the cutting line with the blade. Slowly push the tile toward the blade. If you push the tile too fast, you may damage the tile, saw blade or both. Repeat this procedure for all the tiles that need to be cut.
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