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How to Cut & Install Quartz Countertops

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How to Cut & Install Quartz Countertops

  • Kitchen countertops are made of many materials, such as laminate and stone. One type of stone countertop to consider is quartz. This type of stone is manufactured from raw quartz crystals and a bonding agent to create a 93 percent pure quartz countertop. Cut and install a Quartz countertop after you've determined what type of color and design you want.
    1:Measure the width of the countertop with the tape measure to determine how much must be trimmed at one end.
    2:Place a piece of painter's tape along the width of the countertop to mark where it will be cut.
    3:Attach a diamond blade to the circular saw and plug the saw into an electrical outlet. Start the saw and push it into the countertop. Spray the sawblade and the countertop with water from the spray bottle to reduce heat and dust.
    4:Push the saw through the countertop while spraying the blade with water until you have cut through the quartz.
    5:Place the countertop on the counter or base cabinets to see how it will fit.
    6:Apply construction adhesive to the top of the counter and set the quartz countertop in place. Place a level on the countertop to check for level.
    7:Apply silicone sealant to the back of the backsplash and set it in place against the wall.
            The End.

    2014/08/21         Author: Jaddas Quartz         What Quartz Stone

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