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Why use quartz countertops?

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Why use quartz countertops?

  • Quartz countertops are a fine alternative to granite or marble. The properties of the material make it extremely strong and durable, and the composition of the material allows the countertop to be poured into nearly any shape.
    Strength And Stiffness
    Quartz countertops are composed of quartz and epoxy. Quartz and epoxy are very strong materials and when they are combined they create a relatively stiff material that is able to resist cracking and flexing. The composite is stronger than granite and marble.

    The quartz and epoxy composition creates a countertop that does not dent or chip easily. When compared with marble, quartz is much more durable and does not wear away like soft marble.
    Resistance to Heat And Water
    The quartz is able to absorb heat without damage to the material, and the epoxy seals the surface so water cannot be absorbed into the material. In contrast, natural granite and marble can crack with too much heat and can wick liquid from the counter surface, creating stains.
    Variations in Color
    Like other countertop materials, quartz comes in many different colors and textures, but unlike other natural materials, a mixture can be composed to meet your color and texture requirements.
    Variations in Shape
    A quartz countertop is a composite of quartz and epoxy, and the mixture can be poured to meet almost any shape less than 10 feet in any dimension. Granite and marble must be used and selected according to the veining and structure of the stone, so they do not have as much versatility of form.
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