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Quartz kitchen tops

Quartz kitchen tops
Import Quartz kitchen tops From Jaddas Quartz Factory
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    • Quartz kitchen tops

      Quartz kitchen tops

      Standard Sizes Quartz kitchen tops:108"x26",96"x26" / 72"x36",78"x36",96"x36" or Custom sizes available
      Standard Thickness: 2cm(3/4"),3cm(1 1/4")
      Surface Finished: Polished

      Edge Finished: Eased,flat,full bullnose,half bullnose,ogee,bevel,radius,dupont etc
      Quality Control:Polished degree:90 degree or up.As customs' requirement

      Thickness tolerance:+/-1mm
      All products checked by experienced QC and then pack<br />

      Quartz kitchen tops

      Widely used for quartz desk top, quartz kitchen countertops, quartz reception desk, quartz stone bench top, kitchen bench top, vanity countertops, bar and table tops, vanity tops, table tops, canteen desktop, bathroom, floors, walls, etc..
      Suitable for all projects: hotel project, hospital project, school project, chain store project, shopping mall project, museum project, solid surface kitchen, residential buildings project, university project, activity centers project, etc.

      Quartz Countertops Quartz stone , Quartz surface , Quartz color

      Quartz kitchen tops

      China Jaddas Quartz Manufacturer and export various Quartz stone such as Quartz kitchen tops,China Quartz kitchen tops, Quartz countertop, Engineered Stone countertop, quartz vanity top,quartz kitchen top,Jaddas Quartz countertop,Our Quartz kitchen tops have obtained the CE,NSF certificate.

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Quartz kitchen tops

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