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Black Quartz slab

Black Quartz slab
Import Black Quartz slab From Jaddas Quartz Factory
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    • Black Quartz slab

      Black Quartz slab

      1. WHY CHOOSE Jaddas Black Quartz slab
      (1). 100% EXPORT
      (4). 15 YEARS WARRANTY
      (6). Super hardness: Moh's hardness can reach 7
      Tags: Quartz stone / Quartz slabs / Quartz tiles

      Black Quartz slab Secification:
      1) Size: 1410mmx3050mm, 1610mmx3250mm, 1520mmx3050mm, 1520mmx2440mm
      2) Thickness: from 12mm to 30mm, according to your demand.
      3) Packing: Wooden case
      4) Colors: Various colors for chosen, especially we can adjust the color according to your sample.
      5) Terms of payment: T/T (30%deposite,70%before ship) or L/C

      1. Chinese supplier for Black Quartz slab, Quartz stone set from Jaddas quartz with cheap price and excellent durability.
      2. Jaddas Quartz export all kinds of Quartz countertop, Quartz worktop, and Quartz tile.
      3. Professional manufacture for Black Quartz slab, we have great advantage to manufacture different Black Quartz slab and Quartz countertop.
      4. If you are interested in our exquisite Black Quartz slab, please contact us for more details. We would like to send our best price offer to you.

      Black Quartz slab

      China Jaddas Quartz Manufacturer and export various Quartz stone such as Black Quartz slab,China Black Quartz slab, Black Quartz slab price, Quartz Slab, Engineered Stone slab, Jaddas Quartz Slab,Our Black Quartz slab have obtained the CE,NSF certificate.

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Black Quartz slab

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